Haier Dishwashers (Your Choice)

What are shipping costs?

Same as any Woot purchase: $5

It’s always $5. :smiley:

You had me at “Turbidity sensor!”

New or refurbished?




Be advised to check out the Consumers Union rating on these machines.

I’m awaiting delivery of the 3225 model today. Some of the previous reviews commented that Haier dishwashers are fine for rental property, cheaper installations, etc. but these have features for which you would normally pay a lot more. I’m replacing a $700 Maytag that died and is not repairable after 5 years of light use so I think $250 for a tall, stainless steel tub with all these features is a pretty good deal. There’s only 2 of us so we run it about twice to three times a week which makes me think it might possibly last as long as the Maytag. I only wish the front was stainless steel as well.

BTW, the Maytag was not any quieter at 58 db, (called Ultra-quiet) but I wrapped it with water heater insulation and it was much better.

Picked one up, got some insulation to wrap it in to help with the sound. Looking forward to having one that works vs being a great drying rack.

Now I will add that we spent the day installing it, fairly routine all around, and decided to give it a wash cycle to make sure it’s clean. Thank heaven I have Saltillo tile because within seconds, water was gushing from the bottom. After some difficult inspection, I have surmised that there is a seal of some sort missing from the pump impeller area. It has a part that locks on like a pressure cooker lid but when it’s “clicked” into place, it wiggles freely and water just pours out of it. I want to send it back but don’t think I should pay for any sort of shipping since it did NOT work out of the box.

If you haven’t already, please use the Support Form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance. They should be able to help you figure out your options for returns/replacements.

They may be a bit delayed getting back to you (and of course don’t forget to check your Spam folders) but they will help you sort all this out.

What is the full model number for the 3225? I believe there is an additional 4 letter code that is not provided in the description or at purchase.

Hey there, the vendor confirms the model # is: DWL3225DBA

i got one of them and after two days hunting down fittings i got it installed and water just ran out of a bad pump seal. so i emailed woot about it and they couldnt seem to get me a return shipping label so they talked me into returning it my self promising to reimburse me the $160 in shipping.Well here we are over two months later and nothing but lame excuses!!
Hard to be leave that all the money i have spent with this co. my worth to them is $160 sad day for me.

Jeez, I’m so sorry. I’m getting your post and info to the right hands in CS. Sit tight; you should hear from someone soon!

The dishwasher cleans poorly on normal cycle and heated water 90 minute cycle. Coffee left on mugs, plates have food on them. Only cleans well on the pots and pans cycle 3 hours.

I bought mine (DWL3225DBA) July 4, 2016, and today 8/2/17, it broke down…like it has a calendar built in (at least that’s working!) to know it’s exactly ONE month out of warranty. Not sure what I’m going to do, but the machine was working well and actually cleaning dishes…and quietly…for a year. I would be steaming mad had I paid full price for this thing. I just would not recommend it to anyone else…ever.