Haier Dishwashers (Your Choice)

Time to rebadge these as GE Monogram dishwashers.

So these all have the same dimensions?

Yeah, built-in dishwashers are pretty standard.

Is this new, refurbished, repaired?

Is the warranty really only for 1 year, and you have to return it to them for service, as the linked warranty says?

The manual that I tracked down shows 1 year full, in home service, and 3 years parts only.

Sorry for the late reply. They are new.

My 7 year old Hair refrigerator control board went out. NBD except they stopped making parts for it.
My new refrigerator is a whirlpool.
I won’t buy this brand ever again.

There were so many comments on previous listings of these dishwashers. I was hoping some of those who bought them would come back and comment on them.

I am looking to replace a 20yr old unit that I am jamming a spoon in the door to keep closed. I will spend a bit more on something else if these really suck. But for the price, it’s better than what I have now… unless it pukes out on me.

EDIT: And one other thing… what are the differences between the two models? Thanks.

It’s new.
Square Trade will warranty this for 3 years for $39. They cover everything. So, $250 +$39 + $5 +7% tax (NJ) will run me $320

thats a great idea.

Has anyone here actually bought this machine and can provide an honest review. Specifically i wanted to know how easy it is to install and its washing capability. I did not find any reviews fkr the 3225 model.

I bought one and had it installed. It is the worst dishwasher you can possibly buy. It does not clean well and the flatware need to be cleaned before you have it cleaned in the washer. Also it doesn’t clean out all of the soap in the tray (YES I FOLLOWED ALL THE DIRECTIONS). I am trying to get Haier to come here and FIX IT! It is a fight.

thanks for the honest review. I was thinking about buying one but I think I will just wait for the black Friday deals this year. By the way which model did you buy ?

I bought one (white) and received the wrong color (black). All seemed fine until I hooked it up. The discharge pump was leaking like mad. Woot sent me rma info, but said they have none to replace it with… but they are still for sale…?

I’m sorry. I know that’s confusing, but we don’t actually have these dishwashers in our warehouse. They are shipped from the vendor. So logistically, we can’t really process exchanges on this product, just returns.

According to Haier when we submitted our serial number for warranty on the dishwasher that we had just purchased, they refused to warranty the product because they are refurbished.

Have you had any luck with Haier fixing it? We are having the same issue except we couldn’t even run ours due to the seal leaking water.

These are new. You might try another service rep. If you still have problems, please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to Woot contact customer support for assistance.

I had to return mine, it leaked right out of the box. The leak was in the motor housing area, so it was not a connection issue

Same thing happened to me. In the end I am glad I dont have it.