Haier Dishwashers (Your Choice)

WARING - THESE ARE A DISCONTINUED LINE!!! Mine didn’t work and THERE NO SPARE PARTS$$$$. I am waiting for a refund from these “POS” and had to argue to get them to refund the $5.00 shipping charge. OH YES, I believe that woot knows this and is leading anyone who buy down the road to frustration.

I bought one of the Haier dishwashers 2 months ago. Nice looking unit and features. When installed, the pump assembly had a crack resulting in a major leak. Haier had a technician there in 3 days, BUT as in the other comment, there was not a spare part at the repair company. I did find one on Ebay that cost as much as the dishwasher. Haier refunded the amount I paid and Woot gave me a small credit for the inconvenience. Neither compensated me for the time for the install or the warped wood flooring due to the leak. Beware and good luck. If you get one that works, you have a bargain until you need a repair.

Bought one that I installed and the pump leaked as well. Woot offered to take it back or credit me $40 if I wanted to try and have it repaired. I called a guy I know and he made a new gasket for the pump and it works fine now. Turned out the attached O-ring was undersized. Not the greatest of dishwashers but certainly worth the $225 I ended up paying, especially considering the stainless tub and other features.

There are plenty of companies rushing into the American market with a poor or nonexistent service infrastructure. Then there are the “zombie brands” with dead names on cheap imports and no repair infrastructure.

I bought a small Chinese espresso gadget that didn’t work because the threads from part A to part B were different. When I contacted the company, I got the standard “Send us a picture” response.

I’m not sure if the Magnuson-Moss actwill help, but read up on it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnuson–Moss_Warranty_Act

Seemed like a great deal & so I purchased one that arrived damaged from shipping. Returned it to Woot - no problem. I liked the build quality of the unit so took the risk and ordered another. Installed and working great for 3 months so far. Best dishwasher I have ever owned. The quality and operation is outstanding. If discontinued as someone else noted, then I guess you have to look at this as a throw-away unit and just hope to get enough years out of it to make it worthwhile. So far, I’m very pleased. I might just buy another to use for spare parts - still cheaper than buying a comparable unit elsewhere.

By the way, I bought a Maytag that lasted just beyond the warranty period. It would have cost more to fix than to replace with this unit, which is why I bought this one. So at this price I figure that if I get at least a year out of it, it is worth it. Anything more is just gravy!

My Haier Dishawasher arrived yesterday- and yep, it leaks badly. Have to send a video to Haier to prove it!

Update- So, a week after sending the video proving it leaks, their customer service continues to give me the run around. Not sure I’ll ever have a dishwasher!

I’m sorry for the problem. I’ll drop a note to CS to see what’s up.