Haier Dishwashers (Your Choice)

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Haier Dishwashers (Your Choice)
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Only 2 reviews on Amazon and they are both thumbs down.
Top Customer Reviews

1.0 out of 5 stars
I purchased one of these and it leaked the first … By B on December 14, 2016

I purchased one of these and it leaked the first time I turned it on. After 2 weeks, Haier was unable to send anyone out to repair. There are no Haier dealers in my area. They know about the design fault and sell their product anyway - hoping to send someone out to repair the defect rather than recalling and repairing. After 3 weeks, Haier agreed to refund my $$
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1.0 out of 5 stars
NOPE and NEVER AGAIN By Jonathan Peek on November 17, 2016

I purchased one of these units from Amazon in June and it still does not work after 3 attempts at service. Worst service and manufacture that I have ever experienced in my life. STAY AWAY!

Good Housekeeping and Consumer Reports have a galaxy of rather negative reviews! It seems if you’re looking to temporarily plug a hole in the cabinet level of your new kitchen before buying an actual dish washer, this may be just the ticket. :slight_smile:

Good luck if you need warranty work or service.

In my experience, any cheap $200-$300 dishwasher doesn’t really clean dishes, it sprinkles water on them, missing multiple spots, and not sensing food or detergent decay causing stuck on food to remain.

My last dishwasher, a kitchenaid, came from sears outlet. It was a floor model, tested, with a bent lower frame caster that was easily bent back. Cost $480 bucks and sold for $1000 retail at sears. Cheapest sale price I could find for a new one was $899. It’s the highest rated model on consumer report. I’ve had a lot of dish washers, usually landlord specials like this Haier, and this kitchenaid is the only dish washer I’ve ever owned that no matter how you load it, no matter if you preheat the tap water, no matter what crap detergent you use, it cleans, and dries, perfectly.

These are discontinued models that are NOT FIXABLE - NO PARTS ARE AVAILABLE.

The customer service is terrible.

I can’t comment about CS or service technicians, but Repair Clinic does show parts are available and/or can be ordered.

Apparently, there’s a reason they’re so cheap:


I bought one of these when they were $259. Arrived damaged. Had to wrestle with Haier to get it serviced. No luck - they offered a full refund… I’m not saying they’d all be like this, but I’m still without a dishwasher…

This has been my experience as well.

Have read lots of negative reviews. You get what you pay for. If it seems too good to be true it probably is.

No, surprise, of course, but it is appalling, woot!, that you’re selling these.

It is often true that, initially, any import that does not have an established infrastracture in the USA has problems. Pentax was imported by Honeywell, Suzuki cars were imported by Chevy. So the support, parts, etc., were incorporated into existing systems.

But now it seems that the model is to buy it cheap from China, offer excuses and roadblocks versus support and parts and hope the customer just goes away. Typical roadblock: “Send us a picture of the problem.”

While I can not comment on the dishwasher I now steer clear of any Haier product. I had a microwave oven made by Haier a few years ago that was only 6 months old. The thing caught fire and melted the plastic casing inside. I was heating water in a coffee cup at the time. No metal spoon or any other metal object. My parents owned a Haier freezer that was in their garage. They came home one afternoon to the garage filled with smoke. Freezer motor caught fire. I also owned a Haier window A/C unit that stopped working after 5 months. Haier refused to honor the warranty. Stay away from anything Haier.

I guess this is why Woot’s sub-logo is “Deals & Shenanigans”. This isn’t a deal, it’s a shenanigan.


friend bought one that I installed
On a new hardwood floor… water everywhere (plastic pump housing not sealed)…
CS was a pain (stupid)… acted like a repair guy and talked to the tech which told me no way that part was bad after sending him video… returned to woot for refund… my dad also got one and had the exact same problem… over handed that one out the front door!!

Why would WOOT sell this crap?

At this price BUY TWO. One for parts.

Terrible dishawasher. Doesn’t clean. I hate it. Only way it cleans is to use the pots and pats cycle.