Haier Portable 7” LCD TV with DVD Player and AM/FM Stereo

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Haier Portable 7� LCD TV with DVD Player and AM/FM Stereo
$89.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Haier PDTB7 Portable 7� LCD TV with DVD/CD/MP3 Player and AM/FM Stereo Radio

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and here it is…Froogled


Kind of like a ghetto blaster but for techies…Ribs.

Wow, my sister has one of these and they work so great for camping trips!

“Hello ladies, I am a class B Dungeon Master…”

2 stars on Amazon. But that’s only from a single reviewer.

Does it come with Wet Hot American Summer? :smiley:

So when I want to watch a DVD at 7 am next to my table side? pass woot. Where is the Worst Woot sticker

Scary consumer warning. No big whoop, but intimidating nevertheless.

TV stops working Next year. Only has an NTSC tuner, so you will not be able to receive of the air broadcasts. Will work with cable & Satellite however.

It also is missing HD audio. IT only receives the analog signals…

You won’t be watching over air tv in a year. No ATSC tuner.

Does anyone know if you can watch this while it is charging in the car? I know my phone won’t let me.

could be useful when camping, but looks kind of bulky, maybe if it was just the dvd player

Good point…thanks for the info! :slight_smile:

>>until we pop in a DVD copy of the 1976 blaxploitation/karate epic Black Samurai, starring Jim Kelly of Enter the Dragon fame.<<

My fav is Shaft in Africa

“The brother man in the mother land”

<img src=“http://www.moviegrooves.com/images/covers_main/shaftinafrica_main.jpg”>

Without his…20 sided die!

Wet Hot American Summer! Great pic Woot!

I would be all over this if it had a digital tuner, dial tuners are so 1980