Haier Portable 7” LCD TV with DVD Player and AM/FM Stereo

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New Haier Portable 7” LCD TV with DVD Player and AM/FM Stereo, for $89.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Haier PDTB7 Portable 7” LCD TV with DVD/CD/MP3 Player and AM/FM Stereo Radio

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So let me get this straight…

You hit the “OPEN” button to remove/replace a cd/dvd and it smacks the screen.

Hooray design!

But I guess all portable dvd players do that.

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Haier Portable 7” LCD TV with DVD Player and AM/FM Stereo
$89.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product: 1 Haier PDTB7 Portable 7” LCD TV with DVD/CD/MP3 Player and AM/FM Stereo Radio

This is a pretty decent product. I keep this thing in the trunk on my 4x4 quad and ran 12v to it. It’s been beat up and down and still plays just fine.

Although it’s bigger. I really think this is one of the cooler portable dvd players I’ve yet to see.

Wow, that is certainly an… interesting look. On technology alone I might have got one, but that is just not an attractive piece of machinery to me. I’m out on this one.

I’m going to hate asking this, but how long does it run on batteries? for just the cd option, and the radio by itself.

Looks pretty sweet. Did someone mention this comes with a 12 volt adapter for travel or do I need a power converter?

Ummm Ya gotta be kidding…
$95 for this OBSOLETE POS GMAFB. I wouldn’t pay $9.50…
Woot you gotta be kidding!

Amazon has it with 3 reviews

I guess someone is excited for the season finale of lost tomorrow night. :slight_smile:

For a portable player, you can do alot better for less, but what makes this interesting is that it is also a TV. Have to pass because of this though. Makes it pretty useless at this point

pretty decent price and has some cool features…but remember next year no more anolog tv…

if you are talking about your sig being part of the reason to not get it, it’s kinda silly (and if you are really worried about analog, you can get a converter, but why you’d need one for a portable tv, I don’t know). It’ll be best used as a cheapie DVD viewer in a van on a trip with kids. And it plays music, AND it can easily be transported from the car if need be. I like the versatility with it.

All the portable dvd players I have seen do not open that far.

Now that is a clunky over-burdened device…

click on the image, it shows it comes with a car adapter

Aren’t these illegal to sell over state lines? I know there’s an exception for a resellers existing stock but that would only apply if Woot had them in stock since before March 1, 2007.

Interesting. From this pdf (bottom of page 4):
“As of March 1, 2007, all analog televisions manufactured, imported, or shipped across
state lines are required to have a built-in digital tuner, and will therefore not require a
converter box. Retailers are permitted to sell analog-only devices from existing inventory,
but are required by the FCC to display a “consumer alert” label explaining that the device
will require a converter box in order to receive over-the-air television signals after February
17, 2009.”

It’s pretty much possible that Woot had these in stock for a long time.
Woot seems to be aware of that because they display the “Consumer Alert” notice.
In Woot We Trust !