Haihuang RG280V Handheld Video Game

Haihuang RG280V Handheld Video Game

I’m sure the 5000 pre-installed games are all totally cool and legal original games made just for this console.


Are you saying that you aren’t a fan of:

  • Stupid Mannio Bros
  • Duck Trunk
  • Greatly Filched Automobile III
  • Sonic the Hatched Frog
  • SilverEye 700
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Oh jeez folks, if yer gonna get one of these, choose Anbernic! Or Powkiddy.

I played The Legend of Mario on one of those. Yep, you read that right.

Hacked ROMs can sometimes be funny xD


Don’t expect the world out of these but it can keep a kid entertained for a good while lol.

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