Haiku hilarity.

Ah, the joys of English…

I love this shirt! I might be an English Lit. major, but I’ve always felt words are a playground, don’t be afraid to play a little.

I also thought of this Get Fuzzy comic:


So disappointed
wooters didn’t try to make
all comments haiku

Too bad “Haiku” is a three syllable word.
Epic Engrish fail.

Major Mandarista fail…check the dictionary…Haiku is TWO syllables , not three…Hi Koo

Anything you do
Hai-kan-du much betterer:
Linguistic freedom.

I can’t speak for all
But this is an oversight
That needs to be fixed

Haiku can be fun
But mostly makes little sense

A Haiku about the end of the world…


Once was a haiku
With a rhyme, meter and time.
That’s a limerick?

I know if I put
my mind to it, I know I
could find a rhyme here.

A nice enough shirt,
but the form’s amiss—last line’s
one syllable short.

how so?

E - ee - 1
No - nuh - 2
U - uh - 3
U - uh - 4
Gh - ph -5

A syllable is marked by a vowel, which the “f” sound of “gh” does not have.

Yeah normally that would be right; enough would have 2 syllables, but the hyphens add distinct pauses err stutters to the word

True, hyphens are used to indicate that the u’s are separate sounds, but it still doesn’t make “gh” a syllable.

Are we really grammar Naugtzy’ing this shirt? (yes, I know)

I think that is dumb
We should not slam artists
They are pretty cool


I am trying to
Defend the artist’s design
Points at SeeTheArt

Of course the whole thing is about the writer’s difficulties in composing haiku. The humor is in the irony.