Hair Removal for Ladies and Gents

Almost got the Who-ha showing there…close one, Woot.

So men shave, and women yank out by the root. Makes you contemplate who is tougher.

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I’ve never met a woman who was satisfied, ah, I mean with using an Epilady.

Can some users chime in?

I’m curious too how well they work. I’m assuming this thing can work for “gents” as well, as long as you’re comfortable with using the term epi-lady? I’m no Robin Williams, with a back hair sweater, but I’d be interested in trying something that doesn’t leave me prickly the next day.
Can anyone comment? (about how they work, not my back hair)

I believe Mythbusters has proven that women are tougher!

I’ll chime in as someone who’s given epilators a go:

The biggest problems with epilators is they never get everything. I tried to use it on various places - armpits, bikini line, legs, forearms - and even with having hair the “appropriate” length for pulling, it took one or two dozen passes over the same area to clear maybe 85% of the hair. My epilator is a good deal “stronger” than these (mine has 70 something tweezer discs) so I can only guess that either of the two listed would actually pull even less out.

I would argue it’s not as painful intensity wise as waxing, but it’s a persistent sting and some hair is more deeply rooted than others. So there’s going to be a few surprise twinges that hurt a lot more than others.

After trying to get used to working with mine for a couple of months, I gave up and went back to shaving. I just didn’t want to invest the 3 hours or so to get all the hair out only to end up shaving anyway to get the strays.

I think if you’re just doing one part of your body - forearms, or pits, maybe, it may be worth it, but I would not recommend an epilator as a general solution to body hair management.

Can’t speak on epilators for face hair, though.

The Epilady Legend is 4 stars at Amazon:

It looks like it’s the sort of thing you either love or hate and I have no idea how you can tell which camp you’ll end up in before you try it.

I have an epilator and I echo the previous sentiment. Mine is a pretty nice one and it takes me about 3-4 passes over one area to get all the hair if I let it grow a little longer than recommended. The 2 or 3 times I have managed to wince my way through the whole process it did remove the hair for about 2 weeks before I got a lot of regrowth, but I’m kind of a pain wimp and I just can’t take the sting and ended up shaving again.

My Mom, on the other hand, uses one and LOVES it. She apparently doesn’t mind the sting and with her arthitis it is easier to do that every 3 weeks than shave every other day. It’s also safer because she can do it sitting on her bed rather than in a slippery shower. So that’s my 2 cents.

I’ve been epilating for about 7 years now and I think it’s the best way to remove hair from legs, arms and armpits. I am asian though so my hair has never been super thick and is sparse in areas. I first started with my legs as that was the most hairy. I was pretty young and my pain tolerance was lower, so it stung and I didn’t really like it. But now I can pull out any hair on my body and not bat an eye. Fight through the pain, it’s worth it in the end. My hair is really thin now that I don’t bother epilating my legs anymore. So if you’re looking for a long term solution, then this could work for you. I like it alot more than shaving ESPECIALLY for the armpits because there’s NO stubble after and it’s completely smooth for many days after. My hair on my pits are thicker so it takes the hair out by the roots every time. I only have to do it every other week maybe. I’ve never been able to get ALL the hair off of my legs with an epilator though. Even if I use it for hours. That’s not a huge deal to me though because it’s still really smooth and people wont be up close staring at my legs.

I would not recommend epilating for someone who’s looking to remove fine thin hairs though. I get bikini waxes so I thought I could handle an epilator down there. Well the pain wasn’t the problem. The epilator would break the hair under the skin so that it caused many ingrown hairs. I’ve tried it on my upper lip a few times. It’s not bad but I’m not sure if it takes the hair out by the root or just breaks it. I find it easier to just pluck those out with tweezers.
It also helps if you use it right after you shower and take proper steps to prep before you epilate.

I’ve used an epilady before and it did a decent job. But I prefer to use one I bought from Target. I think it’s far easier to use because it has a light on it. That helps sooooooo much to see the tiny fine hairs. It’s by Braun and it’s the second one I’ve gotten. They last foreverrrrr and I’ve never had any problems with them. I think I’ve had the same one for 3 years now. I also like that it has different speed settings and it’s rechargeable and portable so you’re not stuck by an outlet.

this is what I have if you’re curious
but I’m sure there are better ones by now.

It’s a moot point now, as they’re sold out, but I found epilating to be the most painful hair-removal method out there. (Methods tried: shaving, waxing, laser, depilatory creams, epilation. Hair type: coarse.) At least waxing is quick. Epilation takes the process of pulling your hairs out by the roots and makes it last much longer.

If you do a screen capture and flip the photo horizontally with Photoshop you can see the other side of her legs.

[For those of you tech impaired, this is a geeky joke.]

Were you here for the endless “Remington - King of Shaves” razor commentaries?

My fav was “This razor is like shaving with a plastic spoon!”

I suppose if you force the choice into a context of toughness. Which method do you think makes more sense?

If it is about toughness, I’m glad the ladies tend to like fingernails. I’d hate to see them yanking those out too.


Can anyone confirm that the Philips Norelco AT895/41 Aquatec Shaver actually includes the charging stand? The “What’s in the box” section under specs doesn’t mention the stand.


Confirmed. We’re adding it to the list. Hope that helps. Now, go buy 3! :slight_smile:

Thanks. But I think I’ll buy 1. Trust me, you get enough of my money as it is.