Hair Removal

$0.78 cheaper on Amazon, plus free shipping for Prime members. The Amazon community gave it 3 stars.

I bought the Epilady Legend last time I saw it on woot several months ago because someone gave it a glowing review. First off I can say I haven’t shaved in months. When you first turn it on it can be scary because it moves so fast, but I’ve never pinched my skin or hurt myself in any way with it. (just be careful not to let it get caught in clothing) You will not get that ‘just shaved’ feeling, because it will not remove every single hair. However it does a pretty good job. If you use it consistently (a few times a week) it will be quick and painless. If you let your hair grow out and try to use it, it will be a long process. And yeah I’ve used it everywhere!

The Babyliss trimmer set also seems to be cheaper on Amazon by about $2.50: