Hairless Whisper

The BaByLiss is currently 23.56 at amazon for all of you savvy shoppers.

Looks like a cool product. I might need to pick one up.

Can be painful to use. Recommend a margarita or two along with a hot shower before using the epilator.

Margaritas are always a good idea. This is only painful for the first few months if you’ve been shaving for years. If you’re already waxing, it’s no problem. I’ve been using these things for many, many years and it’s no big thing. Also have very little hair left at all. The follicles eventually die off. Personally, I can’t imagine how anyone shaves everyday. Total waste of time and razor stubble?? really?? so last millennium.

Yep, that’s the exact memory I have of my sister in college when she got the original Epilady.

What if you’ve been doing neither? For example, you’re a man with hair that you now want to get rid of that’s not on your face. Will this be like the scene in “40-Year-Old Virgin”?

Try imagining being a man. Many of us shave every day. :smiley:

I bought this a few rounds ago. It’s not pleasant by any means, especially the first time, but you do get used to it and it hurts less and less each time. I usually can go 4ish weeks between using it which is fantastic! One problem is it does tend to cause ingrown hairs. Nothing horrible or anything. I’ve just noticed some hair under my top layer of skin when I use it. I definitely recommend a shower first. It makes it hurt less