Halberd 31-Piece Roadside Emergency Kit



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Halberd 31-Piece Roadside Emergency Kit
$7.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Halberd KC10011 31pc Roadside Emergency Kit

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no flares, no fun


a doozey of a woot… good to see some non-refurbies again… been a while… and here’s the comparison shopping links… if you want.


No flares? No thanks…


in 4 2


I don’t know - the last time I bought something like this from woot, somebody torched my VW van. Interestingly, the emergency kit survived & only needed extensive washing to get rid of the stench.


Maybe if it had flares or a tire inflater. Oh well. Good night!


great buy
im getting one


No hammer? Goodnight.


I feel I just bought similar from woot! atleast was a purchase for the Emergency reason. Yet still feel the need to purchase again…


You can always add your own flares. They are only a few bucks at an auto parts store.


In for 2, one for each car. You just never know when you will get stuck in the middle of nowhere.


If I end up buying this… I just might purposely leave my headlights on just so I can use the jump cables because this kit is so cool.


I wish the plyers had red handles.


decent price, if you dont have jumper cables. the cables alone run that much.


In for 1. $13, not bad.


without knowing what gauge the cables are, don’t think I’d “jump” for this one…no listing on the web at all anywhere. whaddya wanna bet made in China? What, no takers??


when life gives you tangerines, make orange juice
when life gives you Valencia oranges, make more orange juice?

Doesn’t seem necessary to get this when u have what we bought some days ago

by the way, how long of a probation are posters put on for posting stuff like “no feet” or “first”? We never seem to have an endless supply of them here


Okay, this is definitely something I will be picking up for me and the wifey. Great thing for you avid tailgaters like me.