Halberd 31-Piece Roadside Emergency Kit


Got the 41 piece tool kit earlier…wish it came with a tire pressure gauge like this… then it would be prefect…


Speed to first woot: 0m -2.-483s

Negative seconds to first woot?


how long is the cable?


Exactly what I need. Someone stole my old one a couple of weeks ago. My second woot so Far!


Great woot. Now I can throw away the 20-year-old emergency kit in a corrugated box in my trunk!


No blowtorch? No handgun flare? No life raft? Psh… Goodnight Woot.


People who don’t know how to use this stuff probably shouldn’t get the kit. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll have to call a mechanic anyway, and they already have this stuff.


Definitely not a steal after you add in the shipping…


Damnit not this Halberd crap again. Weak tools, maybe good enough for a 4 year old, but he/she would rather have legos.


Check out the size of the jumper clamp compared to the glove. That’s great for jumping a 9v battery.
No seriously, with the tool set from the other night, all we need is a tailgate party kit and we’re all set.


Look at those jumper cables!!! LOL!! Those things could jump start sh*t. LOL. Seriously, I know quality when I see it. Those cables and tool set won’t get you anywhere.


I am finding funny Roadside Emergency Kit ='s google ads for the Bionic woman :wink:


crap, don’t want or need. Now it would be sweet if it had a emergency jumpstart battery.


No flares?? No Electric Battery Charger?? In an emergency…I rather call for help than use this tool. Goodnight. Woot out.


im in for 3, cheap Christmas gift


Good price I think…What the heck :slight_smile:


since when do u need a hammer to fix a car


What…no lube?! LOL


This will make great Christmas gifts! Thanks, Woot!


Exactly! Can you say “secret santa”?