Halberd 31-Piece Roadside Emergency Kit



pricing for future reference

product(s): 1 Halberd KC10011 31pc Roadside Emergency Kit
condition: New

$7.99 + $5 shipping


I have this set from last time it was up here. The tools are really cheaply made. Would not recommend it.


I bought this last time it was up, Its not worth it, Its cheap, I would not even give it as a gift. The jumper cables are too short and wire thin. the screwdrivers break. I think they give these things away at banks.


Other than the jumper cables this doesn’t really do crap to assist you if you are broken down on the road. Not worth wooting. Look at the other posts from people who bought this last time - it’s total crap!


lol…they even threw up octobers wootcast for it…how nice/lazy of them


That only adds up to 31 if you count each glove as an individual piece.


Not to pile on but I seem to remember others saying when this was on regular woot that the insulation on the jumper cables is so thin, one jump would melt them. So basically the jumper cables are good for one use, maybe.


Not even, they are as thin as like a computer mouse wire. and short


The wootcast writers are on strike. Or someone let the chimps out of their cages.


Save $13, just open a checking account with BancorpSouth and one of these is yours.


Thanks for the comments, guys. Was gonna grab one until I saw your posts. I’ve been having battery problems recently so some jumper cables would of been nice but I’ll pass if I won’t even get multiple uses out of them.


In for 3 for the hell of it. I’ll give em to people that I don’t want to keep driving…


Got it for 15 something at some woot, worth every penny!!


I hope you all are kiddin!


I’m in for one. i heard good things about them last time!



For those of you considering buying these please look at the last page of the discussion forum for this product (last time it was sold).


Got Stuck with these from normal woot.
They are beyond cheap, I would never recommend using the included “jumper cables,” or fuse as they do not appear to have been manufactured to any standards.
Save yourself the money, if you really want it I’m sure people will be giving them away on eBay soon.



These are NOT good!!

They are all really cheap! They’ll break on first use!


i bought 3 of these last time…it ain’t the greatest set, but it does keep cables and some tools in a box that you can tuck away in the trunk…as for functionality of the cables, i used them ok, jumping the cars of 2 friends, AND THEY DID NOT MELTDOWN…for passenger cars and for emergency purposes for those kind of cars, this kit is fine…key is the $7.99 price; very cheap insurance you can put in the trunk…

for my truck, i took out the cables and put other tools and stuff in that pocket…

take the opinion of most of the woot mensas here with a grain of salt…


I bought 2 of these last time they were on here. They were complete $H!T. My wife actually needed to use her jumper cables about 2 weeks ago. But these things are so cheaply made it wouldn’t carry enough juice over to get her car started. Needless to say, they were both thrown in the garbage and “real” jumper cables were purchased. I now know that road side assistance isn’t something to skimp on. Go to auto-zone, car quest, even wal-mart and buy some decent stuff.