Halberd 31-Piece Roadside Emergency Kit



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Halberd 31-Piece Roadside Emergency Kit
$7.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Halberd KC10011 31pc Roadside Emergency Kit

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New Halberd 31-Piece Roadside Emergency Kit, for $7.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Halberd KC10011 31pc Roadside Emergency Kit

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Halberd 31-Piece Roadside Emergency Kit
$7.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product: 1 Halberd KC10011 31pc Roadside Emergency Kit


how are the cables?


Durability? Good? Bad?


What Gauge are the jumper cables?


I honestly have like three of these in my trunk.


Is it possibly 3M Super 77 Electrical tape in there?


So I bought one of these a while ago when this was on the Yahoo Shoping woot for 5 bucks. I think because I bought it, I haven’t had to use it. You know, a Murphy’s Law thing.


i boguht this from sellout i think recently…it’s mad small and cheap … the cables are really tiny …i guess you get what you pay for


but have you ever used them and if so do they work


The color convinces me to buy now


Have this. Jumper cable’s too short and just fell apart last time I tried to use it. Doesn’t have reflectors or rode flairs or anything, hex stuff very cheap. Better than nothing, but I wouldn’t buy again.


This is the greatest product description ever.


Count me in. This actually seems like something that will get used from time to time by me.


If I brake down, the only piece of equipment or “tool” I need is a cell phone. I’m going to call my husband to come and get me.

Thanks, but no thanks!


This is junk, gimmie a safety kit with triangle, 1st aid and such. What could I possibly fix on a modern car with this?


Sparky (from the original SR) is rolling in his grave right now…


Glad I listened to the guy below me - I was almost in for 3 (for birthday presents for my triplet brothers) but after hearing about the lack of quality in the cables… I might not LIKE them all that much, but that doesn’t mean I DON’T like them…