Halberd 45-Piece Portable Tool Tote

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Halberd 45-Piece Portable Tool Tote
$5.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Halberd KC10012 45 Piece Portable Tool Tote

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Cheap tools… don’t buy

not shabby for the price! in for one :slight_smile:

Perfect. I reckon I can build a house with this here tool set.

Woot… I hate to break it to you but…

All of your members are Nerds. Incredibly Nerdy Nerds. None of them know how to work this stuff. :slight_smile:

Any precision tools (for computer hacks) in the case?

tool sets are good… put it in your car… you’ll be happy you did one day… just wish it were flashier… so i could use it with pride whilest my radiater thingy spews out smoke on the side fo the freeway… or i guess that’s steam… whatever… good woot.

No thanks I already went to Harbor Freight today

Is anyone familiar with this company’s quality?

I’d rather go to my local hardware store and buy the same thing and not pay 5 dollars shipping. Even your local tech store will have this for like 8 bux. Not bad if you really need this tho…

I was hoping for a refurb solio!

Would be nice to throw in the trunk of the car, just incase you ever need it one day.

it sure is portable but it probably doesnt contain the tools you need when you will need them

Yeah it’s cheap-o… but think about it, $11.00 for a cheap little set of tools you can keep around for when little things go wrong. If you don’t have a big workshop and decent tools then it’s pretty good.

Is that made in China?

Something I can pick up at the local $.99 store.

They may be cheap and break easily, that just means they’ll be great Christmas gifts, I’m in for 3!

this should be free, or they should pay you to take it. i always want extra tools but this is complete crap. it doesnt even have that many tools, atleast make it a 100+ piece set if its going to be cheap garbage.

Something nice and cheap to throw in the trunk for an emergency. Got mine.
Well ordered, Hopefully with smartpost will arrive before our first snowfall.

I have 3 of these in 5 forms… Trust me, it makes perfect sense.