Halberd 45-Piece Portable Tool Tote

Here’s the bag in the bag of crap

crap tools…

mebbe good in an emergency…

white elephant gifts… in for 3


Yes, these tools are crap.

I got two of these in the last woot off, they are cheap and chinese.

I think I also got lead poisoning, so I guess that’s also a bonus.

Best product ever. Buy 3.

Buy three. You might get one whole set of tools that way.

Or save yourself the trouble…


Yeah baby… that’s the ticket item right there… I can get home now and not miss anything!!! WOO!!

These are crap. Seriously. These don’t even merit a BOC, they are so bad…

Again something I actually want and it sales out before I can enter my 3 digit security code for my credit card

Someone buy this shitty item!

w t f is this? America Online?? no, people, just no.

Not sold out yet?!?!?!?!

What are you waiting for…

Look at the plyers with their sharp pointy teeth!!!

Cheap price for cheaper tools.


Best chinese tools money can buy!

Maybe for in a car.

Made by Halberdburten another giant US ripoff