Half Facepiece Reusable Respirator Kit

Half Facepiece Reusable Respirator Kit

There’s nothing that states sizing on this item.

@ Wooter255642882

Amazon product page states that it’s the small size. 6191=small, 6291=medium, 6391=large.

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This really should be spelled out in the listing here.

I’d jump on this for that price, these are great half masks, but i have a pretty average sized face for an adult male (i think?) and even a medium is uncomfortably tight for me.

I bought a medium for my skinny faced teenage son, and it hurts every time I grab the wrong one from the drawer. Small has got to be like child size

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Just beware, got mine today, it had been opened and the filters were missing. It is also very small, as previously mentioned.


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Thanks pepper, I did as soon as I opened it. Hopefully it’s an isolated issue.

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If you zoom in on the first photo you can see an “S” for small at the top of the mask

Nope, mine was the same.

Size Small confirmed

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