Half-past Crap (Title by daveinwarshing)


Woo Hoo! Got one!

got one

Got it. Good morning, everyone.

I’m already disappointed.

(edited) OOPS, sorry for the double post. I’m surprised that I got the crap seeing as my computer is dragging today.

Thanks, Wootalyzer! Got mine!!

Holy crap: I got a bag of crap! Can’t wait to see what craptastic crap will be bestowed upon me by the crap bag gods!

yay! first Bag of Carrot! Ever! woot!

First one in a few years!

First time in my life I’ve actually managed to see the BOC live. Managed to click in, then realized I wasn’t logged into woot and lost my bag in the time it took to log in. :frowning: Maybe in another life I’ll find a BOC out there.

So, what kind of stuff is usually in these things?

Got one! Definitely going to be a Merry Christmas this year!!!


I really just needed a paper bag. The paper bag does come with it right? I hate plastic crap bags!

Yayy got me one this time :)!!! Can’t wait for the crappy crap to come! Hope it’s super duper crappy! :slight_smile:

Got One! Yay Happy Bag O Crap DAY!!!

My first bag of crap!!

Finally after 10 years, I got a BOC! I remember back in the old days when I would read about people getting some really great stuff like Big screen TVs and such. Now that I have succeeded in getting a BOC, I know I will be disappointed. But At least I can scratch this off my bucket list! Woot woot!?