Halfling Height Requirement

Why no more other printing options?

LOTR :)Poor hobbit shall not pass…

None shall pass.

Oops wrong British guy.

Zing! Nathan strikes again!

I’m sorry, the Balrog was much taller than that sign and he was not allowed to pass…

Very prescient, Nathan! “Although director Peter Jackson seeks to create an amazing new cinematic experience with 3D technology at 48 frames per second, it seems like it has some drawbacks. Apparently, The Hobbit is far too much like a roller coaster.” (from an article about the upcoming film, a sentiment echoed in a number of early reviews)

Yeah but Gandalf was hypnotized shallow hal style, so he saw the inner size of the balrog.

Now if someone had said “shallow Gandalf wants a standoff,” the movie could’ve turned out differently.

I realize how unfunny this post is but I spent like four minutes on it so it’s too late now. No going back.

hehe, cute use of the “you shall not pass” line. I love how the halfling is even standing on tiptoes.

Also, there are many movies based on books that I wish would just change the title when they are so far removed from the book. It would save us a lot of trouble.


Yes, but what has it got in its pocketses, precious???

Yes…HE KNOWS it’s a multipass…anyway, we’re in love.

HA! At the roller coaster comparison to watching THE HOBBIT. I can’t wait to feel the nausea!

I would say this woot writer bio of me is true of younger Nathan. I was a bit afraid of this ride called KING COBRA at King’s Island growing up. (Ohio kid here) - anyway, now I love roller coasters, but yeah, King Cobra scared me.

I think this shirt would have been funnier if pass and not pass were swapped. Then fill the line with halflings and one random balrog thrown in there. Hilarious idea though!

Why is the Baggins at a theme park anyway? Hobbits don’t go for adventures.

This doesn’t even make sense. Gandalf was saying “You shall not pass” to a creature that was taller than any of the fellowship. If anything, he should be holding his hand really high and anything under it should be able to pass, not the other way around.

The best part is when the hobbit tries to go in anyway, and the sign starts screaming.


Wear this shirt the day before you wear “Fly You Fools!” and see if anyone notices. Or wear it the day after and see if anyone calls you out on chronology.

Well, it doesn’t look like that hobbit is missing out on much. That roller coaster doesn’t look like it has an exit and only goes around in a circle!

(Don LaFontaine voice)
In a world where Sauron’s forces have been defeated, Goblin hordes have been eradicated, the elves have gone into the west, and Smaug has been long dead. A lone wizard struggles with new foes: a bad economy, high unemployment, and ageism. Desperate to find a venue where his magic will be accepted, Gandalf T. Grey begins life anew as a Carnival Barker proudly proclaiming the height requirement for the amusement rides. It seems an easy job, but it takes courage and valor to deny passage to even the bravest of adventurers, some of whom can really give you a nasty bite on the shin.
(/Don LaFontaine)

and, from the woot-blurb, “mouthes?” Really, mouthes? Are we not even using sepll cehck anymore?

I don’t understand why this design was allowed, but the one submitted with the donut and the shadow of who apparently was Homer was rejected due to potential copyright, etc? Seems like the reject/not rejected based on those grounds is a completely arbitrary decision to me after seeing this shirt. Just saying…