Hall Wines 2004 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Duo

Ahh, Hall it was.

Hall Wines 2004 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Duo
$59.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Debut
product(s): 2 Hall Wines 2004 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

I guessed right for once (eventually…)

So what WAS the King reference? Cab Sav as the “king” grape of CA?

no LOVE FOR AZ - darnit - I wanna woot launch

Woot Launch BUT NOT TO ARIZONA!! Bad Bongos!

I like the the video touch. Nice to see the winemaker already has an idea of what this is all about (well, besides the selling more wine and making more money part of it). Should be another fun week.

I think this might be another pass for me, too many mediocre Cali Cabs in this price range. If someone can pull some reviews, the last couple vintages have gotten solid 90’s from people on Cellartracker though, no 04 ratings.

I couldn’t help myself. In for a duo. I have ordered the last 4 weeks in a row from woot and each order has been shipped super fast! Thanks again!

$35/bottle on the winery website ('03 is $33 on BevMo.Com). $17+ s/h to the NE making for a ‘total’ cost of $87 if I were to order direct (if they shipped to me in VT) vs. the $65 for woot. As usual, the awesome woot shipping makes the deal; the per-bottle discount isn’t ‘all that and a bag of chips.’

Maybe one of the wine.woot analysts can tell me if we have ever had a woot launch that didn’t sell out? With the winery making just shy of 10,000 cases what kind of numbers do you think they have allocated to woot? I know this has nothing to do with the wine itself, which sounds delicious by the way, it just got me thinking.

$35/bottle from the winery’s site. It doesn’t seem like much of a discount through woot (though $5 shipping is nice). But more importantly, I’m not sure I understand the “launch” label anymore.

PDF link to wine spec sheet.

Will monitor this one. But probably not in the market for a $30 ($35 retail) CA cab. Have had far too much good wootage lately, and living in WA state, I’ve come to learn that some of the $20-30 wines here might be similar to $35-60 ones from California. There have been several on Woot, even. Not saying the Hall isn’t a nice wine (don’t have any experience with this Winery at all), but it was hard for me to get that bucks/bottle ratio up there for Saxon B, and not sure I’m ready to put down even more for this cab.

If you check the winery site you can order direct from them and have it shipped to AZ, it comes to $96 for 2 bottles though. Maybe some other states that woot doesn’t allow shipping to are also available from the winery.

64% bought 1
9% bought 2
27% bought 3

Doing the basic lowest-common-denominator thing, I’d say this means, so far:

7 bought 1
1 bought 2
3 bought 3

That’s odd that the winery can ship to AZ but Wine.Woot can’t. Might have something to do with the distributor because of AZ laws??? Weird.

Should be an interesting week. Am hoping a respectable Wine.Wooter has experience with this winery and can compare to other Wine.Woot offerings.

FWIW…Wine Spectator gave the 2001 88 points, the 2002 88 points and the 2003 83 points. Same reviewer for each year. Was 2004 a good year for Napa Cab?

Totally off topic:

I’m currently in Sonoma Valley on my way to Mendocino. Does anybody have any recommendations for Anderson Valley wineries? Thanks a bunch.

You are “First sucker” so I think you can ask any OT question you want.

Unfortunately I haven’t been to wineries in that area for about 20 years so can’t help much. Very nice area, though. Any of you other Wooters been there recently?

Edit: check out this site

Without a doubt, Navarro. They make some EXCELLENT Pinots, and their Gewurtz is pretty darn good too. Hell, I’ll drink any of their wines. I’m sure others will chime in with their favorites, but every time I make a trip up Highway 128 I stop there.

Further off-topic: I got a good chuckle from this ad that showed up at the top of the page (presumably keying off your handle):

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I dunno if it’s just me, but the kid in the video flailed his hands so much I was waiting for him to spill his wine all over the other guy. If you watch it’s kind of fun to see how close he gets.