Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe 2015

This is for anyone who may read this after the fact, and for anyone who may have trouble installing this software. When I first tried to install on Win 8.1 the disc would just spin & spin without any discernable progress. I read online many had trouble installing, especially it seems on Win 8.1. Some say it took an hour or more before the install process initiated and then took a long time to install, others said it wouldn’t install even after waiting that time. I finally copied the contents of the DVD to my laptop and ran setup from there and within 20 minutes had the install and the one update completed.

NOTE: This software is NOT produced by Hallmark and, from all I’ve read, you will want to avoid any communication with the company that produced it, especially registration. Apparently the company, once they get you on their mailing list, will bombard you with sales literature, etc. and will not respond to unsubscribe requests.

Hope someone finds this info. helpful.