Halloween Blow-ups

Do these need to be plugged in at all times to keep it inflated? If so, how loud is it?

These aren’t bounce houses, so it doesn’t take much air to keep them inflated all the time. The type I’ve seen before like this are not loud, so these fans shouldn’t be that loud…but the fans had to stay on (which makes it great for a prompt “tear down” as then are made to auto-deflate).

Confused with the specs tab…is it Width x Height x Depth or what is the correct order for measuring the blowups?

It’s not as big as it seems. It’s approximately 7 ft tall at the tallest part, and about 7 ft long. I was hoping for bigger because we really do up Halloween, but for the price, this will do! As far as the noise in the last post, they make noise, but it’s not terrible. In order to have it up you must have it running the whole time. We usually put ours up in the evening.

Please limit your lawn to one of these.

Any word on the fog machine? I’m having a Halloween party and have been looking for a cheap but decent fog machine, but I’m having troubles finding reviews on this thing.

Wal-mart has the ghost and spider as a combo for $27.98


I’d like to know this too - I’d also like to know what it uses for fog juice. It says “water based fog” but that’s pretty vague. There are foggers that require a particular fog juice that is “water based fog”.

Never mind - I just found it on the Gemmy site - you need fog juice, not just water. I think I’ll pass…I don’t want the kiddos inhaling weird stuff.

Too late, I just received mine in mail. And when I read the instructions, it says it need some kind of fog solution. What a bummner!!! Thanks WOOT for not posting proper specs for the equipment.

Another thing that sucks about this machine is that you have to sit next it and keep the button pressed for it make fog. There is no auto shut-off. Its stupid!!!

Hope this helps.

Don’t buy the fog machine!!! Unless you want to stand right next to it and press the button all night long. Seriously, press the button alllll niigggghhhhtttt long.