Halloween Derby Color Questions

Can we get the hex color for purple?
And I think last time you suggested a pantone equivalent for the glow color? That would be great too.

Assuming that GiTD would be screened and still needs to be over a base white.

White goes under everything, unless you are printing on white.
I have 532B5D for the purple hex code.
I have CCE6C9 for the GitD color.
I do not know the orange hex.
I just hope people that use GitD actually use it right, it takes a little practice to get it in your head right. We’ve seen many impossible designs before, and people arguing whether or not it would actually appear in the way that they want.

Was that from a previous derby using AA’s purple (eggplant)? It’s a darker/deeper purple than Anvil’s or Canvas’ purple.

What I have off their color charts are these:

  • Anvil Orange - Pantone 171C, Hex FF5C39

  • Canvas Orange - Pantone 1645C, Hex EF6024

  • Anvil Purple - Pantone 7671C , Hex 514689

  • Canvas Team Purple - Pantone 2695C, Hex 543964

Woot will have to confirm what they want to use, though; it’s possible they still have some AA stock to use.

I’m sure your notes are better, mine may have been eggplant, I have it listed as purple, tho…

I don’t know about “better”. I did (accidentally) receive a catshirt on a purple Canvas blank, though, hence they may be going that route now.

Hello! It’s true, GITD shows up best over white. Thanks for pointing that out.

Our new orange blanks are way brighter than the AA orange. I’m going to take an educated guess here and say the HEX for them is something like: FC6215 Oh no nvm narf had it

But I had two listed, so ??

(Sidenote: I’ve been watching Ramy livestream for 3+ hours all the unicorns he’s been drawing …)

Thanks for all that! I must have had an old code, because I had orange listed as e84a37.