Halloween Stuff: Cheap Boos

Is that 6 of those pumpkin chiller cups in one order? Or just one?

Who pays $80 full price for stickers?

Maybe I’m just jaded.

Nah, there’s nothing “cheap” in these “boos” as far as I can tell.

It is a set of 6. Per the specs:

(6) Cool Gear 1703 18 oz Molded Pumpkin Chiller

What kind of wood are the pumpkins carved from? And where are they from? I’m not buying if they are from endangered forests carved by kids! I don’t need my Halloween decorations to be sourced from a true scary story.

That apron. Is freaking. Adorable.

Here you are -

So, the wooden pumpkins are actually resin pumpkins, that look like wood.

We updated the sale late Friday evening after receiving an answer to the question from the vendor.

Forget it then. I only buy pumpkins carved from rain-forest endangered hardwood trees.
Especially if it was the last one growing.

Yeah, seriously!

They’re putting their prices ahead of the fright. This will have to be a post-seasonal prospect, when the prices will be “endangered”.

Does anyone know anywhere else the Apron can be gotten? Seeing as how it sold out?