Hallowoot 2013!

Halloween is a holiday designed with Drakxxx shirts in mind.


Nice variety!, but are the mockups correct for the Canvas LS hoodies? I thought those weren’t zip-ups …

Still waiting for that Zombeer hoodie. sniffle

I knew it was Hallowoot week! Hallowoot is one of if not my favorite plus sales every year!
I love the variations this year with the popular designs from previous Hallowoot’s. I also think woot should put some kind of link to all the designs in the catalog that are halloween related so everyone can get any halloween design easily, even if they aren’t offered here and are difitally printed to order. I know how to, but it might increase sales of those particular shirts for the noobs.

Anyways, random side question. I LOVE my Cupcake costume party shirt, but no one has ever been able to explain the Were-muffin one to me… Please shirt.wooters, help me out here! What is the deal with the were-muffin? I just don’t get it.

Also, sad to see that Spiritgreen isn’t featured more here. I know he has the daily today, a glow in the dark design, and a hoodie in this sale… but that leaves out some of his great Halloween themed designs!

Vampire Photo Booth, The Last Cupcake, and Humanity gets voted off would all be great Hoodies/long sleeves/or something other than shirts!

I’m getting a giggle out of the “Keep Driving Pullover” You’re giving me mixed messages, Woot!

I always thought that it was some kind of bran muffin. Bran’s kinda weird and “furry”? Or maybe it’s a coffee cake type of muffin. The seed looking things throw me off a little bit.

I think it’s a rhyme for bare-muffin because it has no frosting.

What is a “Jersey Long-Sleeve Hoodie” It is not like the regular hoodies? It is a thinner hoodie?

I think Jersey is a knit fabric used for clothing, usually a blend. and I’m pretty sure the hoodies at woot don’t have zippers, incidentally.

Scareperson is the best Hallowoot shirt ever.


Jersey refers to the knit of the fabric - think t-shirts. To be more specific, the blanks are Canvas 3512.

In regards to @Josephus’ comment, hoodies that are zip-up will be noted as “zip hoodie”.

Maybe the it’s suppose to be a full moon? I’m sure the answer lies with the sesame seed looking things on it… hmmm

I prefer Men with brains…and I’m a man! :frowning:
Homophobe more shirtWOOT…MOAR!

I wish there were a tote option :frowning:

I hope you were aware enough to have bought an I Prefer More Options shirt …

I want Cupcake Costume Party every time I see it, but I can’t do gray shirts. Please consider a remix on purple, orange or olive.

The shirt was not manufactured during a full moon, so the muffin looks like all the other, normal muffins?