It’s nice to see Woot taking advice of the members and printing the 2 of the newest derby winners on hoodies.

It’s not uncommon to have snow on Halloween, in Iowa.

Are those rats or cats on the basement level of Shipmates? I like the idea of having the ghosts do the housework. Those hard- working apparitions, including the one in the taco hat, can haunt my house anytime.

No Pumpkin Creeper…sniff. Just one? All I need is one…

LOL that Woot is printing Gay/Lesbian versions of that zombie shirt.

I’m really pleased to see that. =]

Also HOODIES hoodies hoodies and TOTES! Excitement!

Ooooh, Candicorn on a tote. I have a new trick or treat bag! :slight_smile:

Are the “More Zombie Shirts” included in the expedited shipping?

Couple notes:
“More ____ tee…” links will go to shirts that will not be expedited.

The stickers ARE halloween themed, and we’re gonna work on updating the sale.

So glad I looked a second time… wasn’t going to buy randoms, but new stickers are a different story.

Obligatory link to the sticker trade thread.

I love the Shipmates shirt!! ^^ ^^

I have a question RE ordering: if I order a shirt that is part of Hallowoot, and another shirt that is NOT part of Hallowoot, would the shirts be shipped seperately, or both at the same time?

Will the “Blink and You’re…” sticker be glow-in-the-dark?!?

They will 100% be shipped separately. We just work that efficiently.

It says each pack will come with one glow in the dark sticker, and from the pic it looks like those stickers will be “Blink and You’re…” and “Ghosties.” “Haunted Housework” had a glow in the dark option at one time (I have it) but from the pic it doesn’t look like the sticker is. I could be wrong though.

Well, I certainly don’t want to get haunted by missing out on the shirts I want in time for Halloween (Ship Mates & Haunted Housework), so, I’ll make sure there won’t be a GHOST of a chance of that happening and order them in plenty of time.

Thank you for the reply.:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Halloween Gothic tee - bride looks like Angelina Jolie on the left; the monster reminds me of an actor as well. Steve Carell, maybe?

I wish the Zombie Candicorn pic - which is hilarious! - had gravestones instead of crosses. Don’t really want a shirt or bag covered in crosses.

Are long sleeve shirts gone forever? I haven’t seen the option in a while. I really would like my winter holiday shirts offered in long sleeve (as well as some of my other favorites). Didn’t see anything in forum searches noting why they are no longer offered.

Wait wait wait wait…


…crap… so much for saving money for GGC…

Any chance of seeing the Soft Cthulhu shirt again? I had brain freeze and didn’t buy it but I’d love to get it anytime!