HALO Bolt 44400 mWh Wireless Power Bank

HALO Bolt 44400 mWh Wireless Power Bank

Just bought 3 of these from ZAPP, for about $10 less after their coupon, and they were the bigger ones, 57720, this is the 44400.

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The 57720 doesn’t have an AC outlet from what I have seen. This one does. If you need an AC outlet for a laptop, etc - then this one is better. If you don’t, then the 57720 can be gotten for cheaper. A USB-C PD port would be nice though…


44000 is wireless
57000 not wireless???

Anyone else find it odd that these are advertised in milliWatt hours and not milliAmp hours like every other power bank I have ever seen?

Maybe cuz it’s a Li-po battery pack?

Only a 90 day warranty.

44,400 mWh = ~12,000 mAh

For something with an AC draw… thats not long.


… charges your phone without the need for a lighting cable

When I charge my phone, it tends to be at night so I don’t want any “lighting”. That would keep me awake. So I guess not needing a “lighting cable” is a good thing?

It’s so they can show a higher number to appear better, while not technically lying. People who don’t know what mWh and mAh mean will just go for the bigger digits.

As another Wooter said, it’s around 12 Ah, or about the same capacity as a 12V SLA alarm battery. In other words, not much especially if you’re using the AC plug. You’ll get about 40 minutes of charging time on a typical laptop with a 65W adapter.

12Ah would be at 3.7 volts (nominal lipo voltage), given the way these things are typically wired, I would guess it’s actually a 3s lipo setup (nominal 11.1V) making it a 4Ah setup.

That’s what I was figuring more or less. Glad I am not the only one seeing it that way.

As others have noted, it’s likely a tricky way to make it look like a bigger pack than it really is.

44400 mWh = 44.4 Wh, or enough to move a Bolt roughly 1000 feet.

Watt hours are voltage dependent, the Bolt runs a 350V battery, this thing is likely 11.1V nom so your estimate might be a bit generous, lol

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Type of battery does not matter. It still is more useful to standardize with mAh.
As @Wooter521293085 implied, use of mWh is at at least a bit deceptive. Inflates the amount and if not careful one can be quite disappointed.

12000 mAh is actually not a lot these days.
20000 mAh battery packs sometimes cost much less than this one.

  • The features that make it worth high cost for some are the wireless charging and built in inverter with AC plug.
  • If you do not want those, then there are higher capacity choices for less that weigh less too.

TSA compliant is a odd “feature.” You can carry it on but per comments on Amazon cannot stow this in check in.

Halo bolt 44400 will not charge, 90 day manufacturers warrenty not vaild because woot is not an authorized dealer and according to Zagg woot should not have advertised this product with the warrenty.

No worries. Reach out to Woot! Customer Service and tell them what Zagg said. They’ll help you out.

From a browser, use the Woot! Customer Service form.

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