HALO! can you GO!

… Why is there a mandalorian pictured with Halo toys? Come on people.

I wish MegaBloks were better quality like Lego. If they were I would be all over these!

I own about a dozen of these halo sets. The quality on them is spectacular. Megabloks has really stepped it up in recent years. I’d say give them a shot again.

Check out the Clearance isles at your local Target before you jump on these. Aside from the Seraf, I’ve seen the others on sale for 70% off the MSRP.

yea the quality has been stepped up… I never used to buy megablok after I bougt a set that fall apart with the slightest touch… But they started to push the halo brand and had to buy them. I have about 5 sets also and do not have this problem anymore

I have two Halo sets and they are poor quality compared to lego. They barely stay together.

Chill, blood. That’s just their standard figurine graphic.

We have the Warthog Resistance set and the quality is just fine. And the Elite has only fallen off the stripper pole once. (At least, that’s what I’m pretending it is).


Right in the nostalgia. How well has Red Vs Blue aged, Should i even bother checking it out again or should I keep the rose tinted glasses on?

Definitely check out your local Target for these. I scored two of the Wraiths for $13.48 each, and a Versus Snowhound Highbase for $10.08 today. They also have some World of Warcraft Mega Block sets for 70% off retail.

I agree, bought my son 2 of these sets when they came out. The blocks DO NOT STICK TOGETHER. I was shocked by this. The only way to enjoy the set was to superglue the loose fitting blocks together! Never experienced that with legos. EVER.