Halo TapCan 13 Gallon-3 Colors

I was stoked when this came up as I needed a new can. I am sure this is an amazing product but I am not paying that much for a trash can.

So how long will it take my cats to figure out they can open this thing? They are very clever.

About 2 minutes.

$200 dollar original price trash can. You guys are out of your mind.


From the vendor:
Watch the video demonstration of the TapCan technology at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3tFwHorJMY


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Got something similar as a gift except it opens with a wave of your hand above it. It is fairly awesome. Thought the idea and cost were ridiculous at first but now I love the thing.

The ones with a pedal are a pain and noisy and break easily (except possibly this one). The ones you push or rotate get all dirty and often don’t close completely. And I’d prefer no lid at all but then I have to change my trash way more often to avoid the smell and bugs. (Singe and recycle, so a tall kitchen bag can last me 2 or 3 weeks.) But my sensor can is the shiat. It’s not Halo. Think it’s EKO and under $100.

We designed TapCan to require just a light tap on the pedal, which is one of the primary features that will allow this can to last and perform like new for years.
The lid creates a seal to really stop trash odors escaping, but the activated carbon odor filter system is what really makes this can great at confining odors.