Halo Wars 2 - Ultimate Edition - Xbox One

Dear Woot!, is this listing for a “digital” version of the game (code for downloading) or will buyers receive a physical disc to play from? Thanks.

This along with the PS4 game they have listed are great deals!

But again, are they digital codes or actual game discs?

if physical, why described as digital?
If digital, why $5 shipping fee?

Because everything on woot! (except wine, but that’s going away soon) ships for $5, it’s their pricing structure.

Just pretend the real cost is $10 and remember that everyone who ships stuff “free” includes the cost in the price of the product.

I think you’ll get a physical disc, but you will likely have to download free DLC using included codes or something. this is the Ultimate Edition which includes extra digital content and that’s why the description is confusing. Be sure to bundle other items in your cart to reduce the impact of the $5 shipping.

Yeah, I decided to check the product on Amazon and from the answers given in the Questions section it sounds like this should include a physical disc of Halo Wars 2, the Season Pass (digital DLC) and a digital copy of Halo Wars 1.

Had game in cart and then went to checkout, then tells me $0 dollars and sorry, checkout faster next time. If I already am checking out it shouldn’t be that way. Not a real good deal if that’s how things are done.

Having an item in the cart or even on the order screen does not reserve it for you. It’s a free-for-all. It looks like bensonusn snagged the last one and and checked out before you could finish the process.
Same thing could happen on many retail sites. I’ve only seen things like concert tickets temporarily “reserve” the item for you during the checkout process.

Actually Amazon does.

So if I leave my amazon order screen up all day, nobody can buy those item?

EDIT: NOPE! You are wrong. https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=468468
“Placing an available item in your shopping cart does not reserve that item. Available inventory is only assigned to your order after you click Place your order and receive an e-mail confirmation that we’ve received your order.”

In other words, it ain’t yours until you finish the order.

I guess Amazon does (or did) give you a reserve timer on lightning deals, but that’s different.

Yes on there daily deals, isn’t this supposed to be a daily deal. Maybe before being rude, maybe listen and be polite. It really isn’t overdone these days. It can be done a different way. Don’t treat people like cattle or sheep and heard them. But that’s easier for you. You might have to relist something again that was sold old if people don’t follow through on there purchase. Maybe take the constructive criticism and learn from it. And by the way, it’s timed. You don’t spen all day with it in your cart. After time it becomes available for the next person. And yes, the same approach is done with tickets.

Nope. This item was part of an event called “Best of Tech” and the deals are valid until Dec 31st at 12AM or until they are sold out.

Edit: Also, didn’t mean to be rude. Sorry you missed this item. Have a great day.

And it just wasn’t sitting in the cart, I had already pushed proceed to cart and then was signing in. Just saying it is possible to set it up so after beginning checkout the product is no longer available. I understand if it is just in your cart. Your not buying it yet.

Sorry, was posted on another site as a daily deal. They usually get things right

At that price, we had a lot of people trying to buy it at the same time. We ran out before we could process your order. Sorry.

Are these shipping out? estimate delivery date says 12/29 but item has been at shipping now since 12/21

Sorry, I don’t have that information. It’s possible the holidays caused a delay.

Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.