Hamilton Beach 4 Quart Capacity Ice Cream Maker


2 days in a row for me, feels like the good old days!

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Hamilton Beach 4 Quart Capacity Ice Cream Maker
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1 Hamilton Beach 4 Quart Capacity Ice Cream Maker 68330


where was this 5 days ago when it was 105 degrees?


Perfect for this weather. Got a big AC to go with it?


Ice cream will melt before I could get it from the bowl to my mouth as hot as it is.


Is this a good price? I’ve never really looked the ice cream maker market, but now that I’ve got my own place, an ice cream maker might be an interesting thing to have lying about the house.


Anyone have any good soymilk ice “cream” recipes…?


yeah, these last few woots have been pretty terrible… whatever. im tempted to get an ice cream maker, but i hardly ever eat the stuff anyway. and how much does it even cost to make ice cream? what are the ingredients???


Folks! It’s Summer. Ice Cream is a good thing. Plus the kids love it. This is a good deal


America is already too damn fat and the last thing they need is ice cream makers. How about some fitness related woots, please!


woot forgot to make fun of TCBY…


Ice cubes rather than freezable insert? This thing is barely better than the old, wooden, hand-cranked ones. Not worth $20 shipped.


Just a review I found…

Hamilton Beach 4-Quart Capacity Ice Cream Maker 68330 Review
April 26, 2006
Simple and efficient are two words that best describe the Hamilton Beach 4-Quart Capacity Ice Cream Maker 68330. This unit’s main advantages are its capacity (4 quarts) and readiness for use–there’s no pre-freezing required so it’s all set to go whenever you are. You do need to plan ahead if you are making a cooked ice cream recipe (to allow time for chilling the prepared ingredients); however, many of the recipes can be made from start to finish in just over 30 minutes.

The unit consists of a plastic outer bucket and 4-quart metal ice-cream canister, with stirring paddle (dasher), cover, motor assembly, and storage plug. To use, simply choose a recipe and prepare your ingredients, pour mixture into canister, insert dasher, and snap cover in place; then place the canister into the outer bucket, and place the motor atop the unit. Fill the space between the canister and outer bucket with alternating layers of ice cubes and rock salt. You will need approximately 4 pounds of ice and 1 cup of rock salt for each batch of ice cream. Plug the unit in and let the ice cream churn for 20 to 40 minutes until the motor stops.

Finished ice cream will be smooth, creamy, and ready to serve. For a harder-set, you can place the canister in your freezer for several hours. We found this unit extremely easy to use for preparing standard ice cream and frozen yogurt recipes. Simple recipes are also provided for fruit sherbet and sorbet


Note that this is not the standard type of home ice cream maker which has a metal ring that is stored in the freezer which can quickly freeze ice cream. This one relies on ice and rock salt, and therefore takes more time (and ice) and leaves a bigger mess.

$20.99 on Froogle, so not that hot a deal (no pun intended)


$24.81 at Amazon.

Does this product clean up easily?


These type are a pain in the arse - mixing the ice and salt is too much trouble. Get one of the type that has an inner bowl you stick in the freezer; capacity is less at about one quart but they are so much easier to use that you’ll do it more often.

Night all!


Not that great.

Not a good woot, savings is not that great, product is good, but seriously, who makes Ice Cream?


I have seen these before. Beware that most ice cream recipes require special ingredients which you can’t get at just any store, such as rock salt and flavorings, and who the heck has 4 lbs. of ice just laying around? You don’t want to use that crap from the ice machines, lots of nasties in that crap! You can probably order the supplies via the web but it is still an extra cost and a hassle.

Of course it does work but you have to buy all the ingredients, mess up your kitchen mixing it all in the bucket, wait forever for it to finish churning, shovel it out into separate storage containers for freezing, clean up the mess, and find extra space in your kitchen to store the appliance somewhere.

Or you can just stop by the freezer aisle at your local grocery store and buy whatever exotic flavors you can think of, many of which taste as good or better than making your own. Especially if your ice is made from tap water which often has impurities in it.