Hamilton Beach BlenderChef Blender and Food Processor



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Hamilton Beach BlenderChef Blender & Food Processor
$19.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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please hurry and send me my missile launcher… in the meantime… i’ll hook up the useful linkage with comparison links for this one… but darnit, i want my missiles… hehe.


you cant beat that price, but how is the quality? anybody have experience with this or a review?


great wedding gift!


Google Product Search


Nice and I probably would have bought one if I didn’t have a Kitchenaid blender and food processor. Kudos to Woot! though…


My first purchase from woot was a blender… That was two years ago… its never been opened…


Good product, bought one about 4 months ago. Highly recommended.


Could use this to make many drinks for fathers day :slight_smile: Plus a few healthy shakes.


meh, had this blender before. I guess it held up for a year or so with very rare usage, then started smoking.


Isn’t that 400 WOOTS of power?


Wow. That’s half price. Tempting!


Hamilton Beach BlenderChef 49.95 on average. Simply interested in “wooters” reviews, Not those from another site.


is this as good as a cuisinart?


So the Rabbit left the sugared cereal racket, and moved on to bigger things?


Pretty certain I saw this thing at Wal-Mart for about/under the same price if you include shipping. Though that may have been sans-food processor.

I just bought a Walmart blender for 14, and it makes smoothies just fine. Pass on this 'un, sorry, Woot. Should have posted this a couple days earlier =P


I have this same blender, and it works great. It makes some phenomenal milkshakes (well, I guess that’s me, but it does blend them), and hasn’t had any problems. I think it’s definitely worth the money.


Heck, I was about to spend $20 for a similar one at wally world and now I won’t have to pull out the whole food processer when I want to use it. I’m totally happy about that…


hope this makes better smoothies than my current one…wow, i can’t believe i said that. i’m such a girl. whatever, i’m posting anyway.