Hamilton Beach Set & Forget® Indoor Grill with Probe

insert probe joke here. #doublepun

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So in what ways is this substantially different (apart from the probe) from the parade of pannini makers and other countertop grilling devices Woot has so kindly brought us?

Slightly different one from the mothership Amazon at $89.98 and only 2 reviews (both good):


Google Comparison Shopping Link

Pretty good price.

Much more thorough review, I believe of the same model:


I don’t know how much my sammiches are going to like being probed. On the other hand, this looks really solid. Does it deliver restaurant quality without the restaurant price?

I am generally a sucker for all sorts of digitally assisting cooking gadgets, but…

WHAT am I going to tell to my Cusineart griddle/panini press/grill I just bought recently? How am I going to explain to it, that sometimes… just sometimes, I’d have to cheat on it and insert my meat into this Hamilton Beach?..


After thinking a little longer I choose what I already have. While it’s a refurb with no cool digital displays - it’s a pretty neat device with many more functions for the same dough!

-note- multiple puns above are intentional and deliberate -/note-

YouTube video

So, can someone make it clear if this is safe for my sandwiches, or just meats?

For as long as you keep your plates reasonably clean from meat residue after cooking it - this should be perfectly good for sandwiches and may actually work just fine as a panini press.

Just set it to manual mode and cook away. Or use the probe inside a sandwich (again - clean well).

Okay Woot - what’s up? Why are my links to reviews being deleted? This is a grill, not a nuclear weapon!

edit: oops - thanks for the heads up! (ducks)

another edit: In my defense, I was a bit flamboozled by a Woot bug that prevents editing of posts if there is a special character in the product name (which can be circumvented by removing the special character code before clicking “post”).




The reviews look like they pointed to the “slow-cooker” and not the grill, that’s my guess. I could be wrong (just like I was above, where the “more thorough review” was unfortunately actually one of the reviews from Amazon). I’m finding it hard to find reviews for the grill outside of the Amazon reviews.

You have posted a barrage of links to a wrong product with similar keywords in the name! Check your search results again…

It is indeed a grill… not a nuclear weapon… or a slow cooker for that matter!

Yes, it’s a GRILL. I agree, it is a GRILL. You, however, keep linking to SLOW COOKERS.


Thank you!

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Did I just never notice??? That would be a shame for me…

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And by the way - what is the maximum temperature you can set this babe to???

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An Amazoner with a sense of humor…sweeeet.

Yup - reviews are indeed hard to find. Here’s one review at Walmart.

and here’s a link to a nuclear weapon review