Hamilton Beach Stay Cold 10 Speed Blender

pretty COOL idea

That was a fast switcheroo.

Hmmm, looks like another product you’ll use maybe once or twice a year.


Nope . . .

whos got the margarita mix!

is wootoff running smoother today? Are there less people hitting f5?

Looks like “Thermos” trying to break into the kitchen gadget business???

somebody got paid to invent this thing. . .

Ha! This just screams redneck party time to me.

Yes you need this. why go to the trouble of putting on ordinary blender in the refrigerator if you need to keep drink cold.

I’ve used this blender, works but shouldn’t be called a “10 speed” anything. Each speed is very close to the previous one. It’s really a 2 speed blender (low/high) and has pulse.

That said, it does what it says it will do, and it’s a cheap blender. Keeps drinks cold and frozen.

Lack of a clear container means measuring stuff is harder. It’s a bit of a trade off.

I love woot-offs. And I’m not complaining, but my last boggy old creature was less than impressive. Check out my video

and exactly WHY wouldn’t I just mix my drinks in a blender I already own, and pour them into a thermos/cooler that I also already own?

$25.46 at Amazon (plus $12 shipping) is lowest price


No Want

HAH! Sounds like a girl I used to date…

Hmmm… Grind up a batch of cold & frosty and head out to the pool. Pretty good idea, actually.

Same ole, same ole. Spotty at best. This item just came up quicker than others for some reason. Maybe BOC next?