Hamilton Beach Stay Cold 10 Speed Blender

No way to see inside?

uuugghhh this thing…

finally! but too bad i already have a blender

If it was a regular blender I would be in for one!

No more walkie talkies!!!

Got one of these in the happy hour BOC. Work pretty well, though to be honest it’s kind of an eyesore on my kitchen counter.

I got one of these during the happy hour woot off in my Beard Of Conan. It is pretty awesome, only downside is it’s not see through.

Just in time for Easter. Take your margaritas to Sunday morning service… and no one will be the wiser!


that’s hot

I wanted walkie talkies

Margarita cooler for work!

This is one of those things that sounds like a really good idea, until you actually make one. But why did they make more than one?

I got one of these in the recent Happy Hour BOC. It’s been used several times already for margaritas, and they have been GREAT! :slight_smile:

Return of the thermos blender!

Good for frozen margarittas at the lake?

Edited for wordfilters. D:

Is woot really fixed?

Is that a cooler on a blender? How, pray tell, does it not leak when you take it off the base?