Hamilton Beach Stay Cold 10 Speed Blender

So did anyone get the two-way radios?

I got one of these in a BOC from the first HappyHour woot-off.

Still in the box. Haven’t had to try it yet.

Got one of these in my Basket Of Care from the first Happy Hour. Plan to break it in with the neighbors this weekend or next, so I can’t speak to its quality yet, but it looks cool and fun.

Not Fixed!

Got one of these in my last BOC. It actually works quite well, and holds way more than it looks like. The only complaint I have is that if you make something too thick (IE a smoothie) it’s a little difficult to get out.

I used it a few times for regular blending and works like champ

It has trouble blending anything solid, it might work for drinks but that is about it.

Someone did this.

you’re in line, if a woot becomes available.

we’re basically sold out, but if someone ahead of you gets denied, we’ll sell it to whoever’s in line.


this thing is ugly. thats all i got.

Still down.

I’ve already got an 11-Speeder

Blender f_ail

Great. Looks like the counter is stuck at 100% again.

Will this blend an iphone?

I think woot is having a tough time blending all these orders.

This was one of the things in my bag of crap I got last week!

Gotta work the system, see like this

Will it blen****d?

Take that filters!!!

Bad dum chhhhhh

The only think cooler than this is…


Perfect gift for the drunk on the go!

and we are off!!!