Hammacher Schlemmer All Occasion Display Projector

Project, Louise! Let them hear you in the Back Row!

Someone had to say sumpin’!

Sumpin’ Wrong with Strippin’?!

wonder how it would work in the bar

can you make your own images humm

product page from the manufacturer


I call this a party machine…,

Was zum teufel?

whats the odds smart post will arrive before weenie day

40to1 ?

on the site it says “We regret that this item is no longer available”.


Translation: “We regret that this item is no longer desirable.”

Miss Otis Regrets…that the Hammacher Schlemmer All Occasion Display Projector is no longer available, madam.

These projectors are not manufactured by Hammacher Schlemmer. They are being sold by a liquidator and are NOT covered by Hammacher Schlemmer’s guarantee.

To avoid false advertising charges, kindly delete all references to Hammacher Schlemmer from this blog.

Got mine the day before Halloween - and in most ways it is cool, as advertised and fun. But with one HUUUUUGEEE drawback:


Oh the noise noise noise NOISE! The motor that turns the mirrored ball is unbelievably loud - at the highest setting I’d say somewhere between electric razor and blender. LOUD. Seriously, you have to shout over it to be heard. Only at the lowest of the 3 speeds is the noise level bearable.

Which makes it unusable in my book :frowning: Cannot use it in your house, even outside it would draw more attention to itself than what it’s projecting. Wouldn’t want to use it ANYWHERE except at a loud party. Which this ain’t.

Too bad.

Got mine too.

There is a three way switch, in one mode it makes a siren kind of sound. I don’t know if that’s supposed to be a sound affect or what.

But in the other two modes it works quietly.