Hammacher Schlemmer Digital Film & Slide Converter

wonders if all these crappy woots mean that the bag of crap will be awesome???

my F-I-L would love this, but I think he already has one!?

What’s a slide?

Nope, she was here. I couldn’t bring myself to welcome her to woot.

Beat NightGhost to the Product Website. LOL

I have the photo converter from these guys, and I’m not a huge fan. The process is mainly manual, and the software is an incredible resource hog … not to mention not user friendly.

I bought one last month from somewhere else…110% piece of crap. Software doesn’t work. All it really is, is a scanner. Use your scanner, download some invert and color software, boom, you’re done. Nothing special here like the expensive ones.

There are no freebies in digital imaging. The quality you receive is never greater than the dollars you spend.

http://www.hammacher.com/Product/76877 for more info.

Tiger Direct about 39.99 bucks
Amazaon 39.99

I’m relatively new to Woot. What is the Bag of Crap?

What? I just found out a wootoff is going on and its this?!?! poo.

where’s my roomba?

lol, from the 70s, i dont even know if you get pictures made into slides anymore

kodachrome, don’t take it away.

wootchat ad boy is getting annoying.

Hammacher Schlemmer… Frau Blücher!

Why would you need to convert your powerpoint slides? They’re already on the computer!

EDIT: Or “digital films”, for that matter. They’re already digital!

I guess Uncle Joe with those slides from the 70’s of the trip to Spain is gonna be a happy old man!!

That big thing that smells like pee in the playground.

(thatswhatshesaid - beat you to it)