Hammacher Schlemmer Digital Photo Converter

here’s the manufacturer’s website

The converter looks like the little droid on wheels that buzzes around the Death Star


Anyone know how well these work? And what sort of files they convert into?

You might consider using a powered USB hub to ensure that this works properly.

great price compared to ebay

In layman’s terms, what does this exactly do? Take a picture of a picture?


I own this. Save your money and buy a decent scanner. It is difficult to use and the quality is terrible.

“able to make a digital copy of any non-glossy picture”
Seriously? It can’t scan common glossy prints?

I’ll stick with my scanner.

P.S. I got a rock

I have this, it’s a decent scanner, you lose some of the picture quality, but what is a pain is the removal of the pictures from the old photo albums, that takes forever…

Previous woot.

I am having a flashback to 4/8/09 same unit different brand But now it is $20.00 less, going to read those comments.

Crunchgear review:

soo…are there any reasons I should get this when my printer is also a scanner?

LoL, to read the title of the Woot, you would think it converts Digital Photos into standard photographs.

Bah Humbug! More scaffolding.

Youtube review.

yeah, i was almost in for 1 until i read this.
seriously, we have a drawer full of my childhood, all printed on glossies.