Hammacher Schlemmer Digital Photo Converter

woot off kill…

hmmmm… no thank you

darn you wooT!!! I was just about to go to sleep!

Bought one of these before, but could never get it to work. Beware.

This might last a tad longer than the last few items though the orange progress bars seems to broken.

perfect for mother’s day!!! Give mom something to do with the old photos

When I got the email from woot today, I knew it was time to take a nap to get ready for a woot off!


Does it do slides?

Fix the RSS feed woot!

woot off killer here!!

Does it work with the iPad?

Wait, so it takes a 5 MP picture of your picture?

That seems a little ridiculous. How is that superior to a scanner? I guess time per scan, but still, that doesn’t seem all that.

Am I wrong, Woot friends?

keeps me up nightly

it looks funny

In Soviet Russia, photo scan YOU!!!

I got one a couple of woot offs ago.

No direct Vista or Windows 7 support (only comes with XP drivers), but does work in Windows 7 via XP Mode.

It works “okay”, but I’m not sure I would buy one again.

At the rate these deals are selling out, the recession must have ended today.

Meh. Call me when it’s a negative scanner…