Hammacher Schlemmer Digital Photo Converter

Wasn’t this offered 10 hours ago $10 more?


this again? woot tried to sell this last night too!

does it toast?

2nd time in one woot off.

This is a new low. Same item in a wootoff.

Lame. again.

get gift for mothers day.

Hey…wait a minute.

Wait… is that just an old converted 5 1/4" Floppy box???

like a t3rd that won’t flush

Zombie woot items…they’re here for your brains! (and dollars…)

Come on this is just stupid… waited for this to end last night. didnt want it then!

Blah. Didn’t I see this through the night?

I’d like to send my Avatar through this thing and come out a random bag of crap…

They’re starting over! Bowl of Cereal, here we come! lol

Ah yes, Hammacher Schlemmer. The cousin to bastard child Skymall.

if i’d bought this earlier for more money i’d be mad right now, since i didn’t i just want it to go away fast.