Hammin' it Up



Hammocks or sleeping bags? What’s your style in the outdoors?


I’ve been seriously considering switching to hammock sleeping in my bedroom. (I sleep on the floor as it is, right now…and space saving bed options are turning out to be expensive!)

Should this be the sale that pushes me over the edge of the bed and gets me in to the swing of the hammock?


I was considering getting a hammock for overnight camping trips, but I can’t decide on which brand to go with.

How do these hammocks compare with ENO or Trek Light?


I was briefly using one for a month or so.

Didn’t go over so well with the girlfriend though…

That being said, it was comfortable, but also a pain to set up in the room- you need more space/support than you think!

If you have the correct living situation, go for it! Maybe look for a more indoors-y one for comforts’ sake though.


Maybe! (But you should also ping deals Ask the Community about the bed thing - they’re genius at this stuff, if not finding just what you need then definitely giving a range of options.)


Will the double hammock be to large for just a single person? I would like to get the double for the chance that I may one day have a SO that enjoy’s camping. However the chance of that happening is very slim.


I am a beginner hammock camper…but I can tell you that the consensus is you are not going to have two people sleep in a hammock. It is just not comfortable in this type of “gathered end” hammock. You are going to end up on top of each other.

I know what you are thinking…that doesn’t sound so bad! However, at some point you will want to actually sleep ;).

So, in practice the “double” is really just for larger people. I ordered a hammock bliss double and IMO it is a little big for one person. The problem is all the extra fabric is just hanging in your face and it gets annoying…and it tends to enclose you.

It’s hard to say without actually laying in it, but my $.02 is unless you are big I would go with a single.


And big I am! As a 350lb, 6’4" guy, will the double actually be comfortable to sleep in for me?


I’m certainly no expert…but this hammock is a little on the short side. Even though they list the “bed area” at 8+ ft, there is only so much “useable” bed area. You don’t want your head and feet to be at odd angles. Still, at this price it might be worth a shot just to see if hammocking is your thing. If you get the double, hang it with some sag, and lay diagonally I think you could get comfy.



Thanks for the info. I’m a fairly smaller guy 5’9" 150 lbs so I’ll just opt for the single. Besides I’ve never used a hammock before so this will be my first go. Now to just decide, with or without mosquito net.

Edit: Is the mosquito netting removable or will it zip down to be stored in a side pouch?


I’m not sure on this one. I can see there are double zippers that attach the net to the hammock. Most likely you can only unzip the bug net on one side to get in and out. Maybe the woot gods can answer this question: does the zipper go all the way around, i.e. is the mosquito net removable?


I’m curious why the $30 Castaway Camping Hammock will hold up to 300 lbs; however, the $42 Castaway Camping Hammock w/Net will only hold up to 250 lbs. Why does the addition of a mosquito net weaken the weight bearing ability of the hammock below?


I’ve always wanted to try hammock camping. Do they Cast away camping hammocks zip up? I’m especially interested in the bug net one so i have the option of sleeping closed up or with staring up at the stars… er leaves.


Head over to hammockforums.net for some great info and diy how-tos. Those guys have it down to a science and have reviews and mod writeups for most hammock models and styles, including how to set one up in your house.


So how much is this material going to make me sweat? Hanging out in hammocks is tons of fun until you live in Texas and it gets beyond warm and you start to sweat which causes your body to stick to the material so that you can’t ever get out of the hammock.


Go with a double. The most comfortable way to sleep in a hammock is diagonally. (When you lay diagonally you can achieve an almost flat sleeping position) The extra width of a double hammock is much more accomidating to lying diagonally. With a single, the narrower width will give you less angle to work with because the sides will be trying to push you straight.


If you are thinking to use a hammock for camping, consider that there may/probably will be mosquitos. I would invest the bit more to get one with a net.


If you’re thinking about camping in a hammock just go for it. You will never want to sleep on the ground again!

As for those asking about sleeping 2 in the double hammock it is possible. You and your partner just have to be the type who don’t mind getting very close. Give it a try in a park or your backyard and if it’s not comfortable order a second hammock!


I prefer to use a stand alone bug net. (Trek light gear sells them.) I prefer a separate bug net because it encapsulates the entire hammock inside it. On the one being sold here, the netting only covers the top of the hammock. The problem with that design is it leaves your backside unprotected. Mosquitoes can bite you through the fabric of the hammock.