Hammock Car Seat Protector

Hammock Car Seat Protector

Tare is misspelled in the features section of tare has a totally different meaning. It should be spelled tear which means to pull or rip apart

Thank you. I corrected it.

Hello, does this seat protector split down the middle for a passenger can share the back seat? Or is that zipper in the photo is not for this purpose?

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Features say

  • Center zipper for easy access to your pet
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Looks like the zipper stops just after the 3rd stitch line. Undo zipper so doggo can look up front and/or jump to the front. Although I’d be worried about the dog stepping off the back seat and just flopping into a hammock between the front seats and the back seats. Might be comfy though…

There is another typo, but kind of a fun one. It says that it will fit most cars or “subs”. Autocorrect probably changed it from “suvs”. Or, maybe I don’t like getting dog hair in my mini-submarine. :slight_smile:


LOL Fixed.

I’m pretty sure the reviews this links to are not correct…

Well, it links to the correct page:


but yeah, something is messed up on Amazon’s reviews. Nothing new about that unfortunately. :frowning: