Hammocks, Hammocks, Hammocks!

I have a couple of huge oak trees in my yard that would be great for a hammock. Unfortunately, my yard is also full of mosquitos. :frowning:

Do the hammocks shown with stands come with stands? The features say that it “can be hung between two trees or posts or on a large 15’ hammock stand,” but there are 4 images of hammocks with stands for a higher price and then the images of hammocks without stands for a lower price, so first impression is that you’re getting the stand hammock vs. without a stand.

i couldn’t find the clip of scorpio and homer talking about the hammock district so this’ll have to do. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXOcI8NjOvU

Hammocks, hammocks, hammocks, for our boats, boats, boats!


I also would like to know if the ones pictured with stands come with stands. I can’t see any other reason why they’d be more expensive than the ones shown without stands, but the wording about how it can be hung worries me.

Just checked with the buyer- none of these will come with stands. We’ll try to make that clearer in the sales ASAP!

Holy carp, glad I checked - the photos are VERY misleading

Thanks for clearing that up.

Thank you for checking. The pictures seem misleading since there is a significant price difference between the ones show with stands and the ones shown without.

lolz - $120 clams for a polyester hammock without a stand.
Too bad none of that will trickle back to the Malaysian factory that made them for $10.00 a piece.

What are the differences between the $115 units and the $63 units, besides the prices and colors?

other than about $52, absolutely zip - the specs are identical

The difference is the fabric they are made out of. The more expensive fabric is called Sunbrella. The prices shown for a “Sunbrella” hammock are actually pretty good. Google “Sunbrella” and it should give you some clarification. I’ve been pricing hammocks for my wife’s upcoming b-day and I will be ordering one of these.

Description says Stand Not Included.