Hand Blown Wine Decanter - Gift Week

Hand Blown Wine Decanter - Gift Week
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product: 1 WineCountryConnect HandBlown Wine Decanter

Yes. It says “blown” in the product name. No further commentary is required on that matter.

Does woot photograph the items? I noticed a lot of the bottles share this same seamless white background with an unmasked window reflecting from camera left.

… Why don’t they cover the window? …And why is it always sunny and nice when they shoot?!?

Excellent write-up!

I like the shape of this, but I think I’d be more likely to use it as a flower vase

You are a prophet :slight_smile:

In for 1, can’t beat $4 off.

representing missouri…I love tax!!!

ok, yea sure a flower vase AND a wine decanter. that’s the ticket !


Can someone profess the benefits of a wine decanter? I’ve never had the benefit of one.

Well, I am a founding member of the WineChurch

Here’s the wiki scoop: “The decanter is meant to mimic the effects of swirling the wine glass to stimulate the movement of molecules in the wine to trigger the release of more aroma compounds. In addition it is thought to benefit the wine by smoothing some of the harsher aspects of the wine (like tannins or potential wine faults like mercaptans).”

I wish I could get the Hand Blown Wine Decanter. That is gorgeous. I am going to have to remember to save money to buy me something once in a while. Good thing the Sake was yesterday or the hubbie would have thought I bought him a glorified flower vase for Christmas.

Seriously? You can’t see the top of it at all! As somebody who doesn’t really drink wine all that much, but likes to check here to see if there’s something good, I didn’t know what I was looking at for a while! Maybe a darker background would have been more suitable?

Love the EHP wine in the enlarged photo. Mine should be here tomorrow! Can’t wait to try it.

I’m still not sure if I prefer the “Captain” style decanter being sold here/now or the more symmetrical decanter sold on the WCC page:


Regardless, after taking advantage of the (now expired) 50% off Ty Caton deal, my wallet is begging for mercy!

For those on the fence, think positively. You decan afford to get the decanter.

(…and when it arrives, fill it up with a magnum, drink entire contents in 30 minutes or less, then go back and read the above pun…I promise it will seem funny then)

(and if it doesn’t, try refilling it with Sake and repeat, then come back)

I have the symmetrical decanter at home and love it. I don’t have any problem pouring from it, but it does intimidate some of my guests. The updated design does intrigue me though, and should make for a less intimidating pour.

Nice!! I was just wondering when one would be sold again. In for two (one for me, one for the boss). Boss, if you’re reading this, please avert your eyes.

Wow… all I could see on my monitor was the red wine and not the clear glass, until i squinted at it.