Hand Blown Wine Decanter



well… thats interesting… since when is there a new wine.woot every day at 11:31am :wink:


Excellent. Weren’t these on before?


my roommate bought 2 literally 1 week before the price drop. I didn’t get one and now I feel like I should, if only to rub it in his face.


i need a better picture


These don’t have the angled mouth like the other ones did. I thought the angle was supposed to be the improvement over the original ones?


I bought one a while back. Pretty good for the price. Heavy. Mine has a bubble in it.


Is there anyway woot can post up another pictures. I am considering buying this as a holiday present for someone, but I can barely see the pictures. Great price!!!


Bought one that looks the same at Target for $19.99. It’s made in Poland and is hand blown. I’ve seen them for the same price at Cost Plus too.


No angles spout like the one offered just prior to the last woot-off. Not sure this is such a deal. Made by???


I actually like the bubbles (I know, it’s weird).
I have a collection of Orrefors and Kosta Boda decanters from my travels over the years in Sweden, and have several in the collection from their ‘outlet’ stores which have a few bubbles here and there. Like humans, sometimes the flaws make them more interesting. Sometimes.


Hand Blown Wine Decanter
$21.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 WineCountryConnect HandBlown Wine Decanter


woot how about changeing the backround so we can see the product!


Tiny bubbles…in the glass…

I’d like that. Makes it unique and less cookie-cutter.


Don Ho Ho Ho?


OH EM GEE FINALLY! Been wanting one of these. Hurray! In for one.


Have been waiting for this. What do you think the chances are of getting it delivered before Xmas?


How about a nice decanter, indeed!

Seriously, I love mine. Imagine buying something that could make most wines a little better. This is that thing. Enjoy :slight_smile:


I -almost- bought one through the link in WD’s signature just before heading out to lunch but thought, nah, I’ll wait… someone might get me one for Christmas. Come back from lunch to find this, cheaper than through the link… sweet. Got me one :slight_smile:


Really too bad, as I missed last week and ended up buying a decanter at Target (very, if not identical, looking to this one).

Though I was surprised in a good way when after opening all the boxes there, there were differences between “the same” decanters. So, I picked out the thickest one.