Hand Blown Wine Decanter

Always a good value. Do it!

Not a bad deal… I picked up a decent one at meijer for $12.99, otherwise I’d be in for one.

YES! I’ve been waiting for a decanter! I missed the one during the last woot-off while I was sleeping. Thanks!

Also: My first “first sucker”. So proud. tear

In for one because I could use one… hehe

Looks like there’s 400 of these babies to go around??

I’m looking to get a decanter but I don’t believe this is much of a deal. I can get one at BB&B for $30 and I don’t have to worry about shipment… I can’t imagine there being much difference between the two.


I’ve bought a number of these wine.woot decanters and I love mine, my son loves his, my neighbors love theirs…you get the idea.

The woot ones are higher quality than BBB, World Market, etc.

I’m new to wine.
What the heck is this and why can’t I put wine in a shot glass.

lmao… you mean you CAN’T put it in a shot glass???

I usually put my wine in a beer bong and drink it that way!

just think of this as a big shot glass. less pouring, more drinking.

wine needs time to breath - it helps mellow out a lot of the harsher flavors. (it’s why the snobbies swish it around the sides and sniff it more than they taste it)

I’d love one of these, but sadly I’m the only red wine drinker in the household… and a whole bottle is a bit much for an evening :wink:

You don’t have to decant the entire bottle.

What does higher quality get you in terms of the quality of the wine?

Rich wine drinkers don’t use decanters.
They do body shots off their trophy wives culled from the South.
Silicon Valley.


And yet here I am two sips away from finishing a lovely petite Sirah, and I have to admit, it’s a good Friday.

Lightweight! I just bought some wine off here and it says to decant it so I guess I’m in for one.