Hand Blown Wine Decanter

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Hand Blown Wine Decanter [New] - $23.99 + $5 shipping

1 * WineCountryConnect HandBlown Wine Decanter

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Hand Blown Wine Decanter
$23.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: New
Product: 1 WineCountryConnect HandBlown Wine Decanter

Hurr…that pic is not the greatest…I was saying to myself, “I really don’t feel like pouring wine from a bowl, I don’t care if it IS hand-blown”.

Noooo vinturi. I need sleeeppppp!!!

Saw one at a local wine.woot party. Nice and solid. Decent buy if your shelves are not already overflowing with decanters!

Too many trips to Sweden and the orrefors and kosta boda factories in my mis-spent youth.
Lots of pretty shiny glass. You can never have enough decanters.

hands can’t blow.
I think the exquisiteness of this item has been blown way out of proportion.

The credit card needs sleep!

stay awake stay awake

This is possibly a bad omen. If the wine rack is up next we could be screwed. I really thought this was going to be a 3-day+ woot based on what they said in the email about this one possibly being longer than any before. I guess we’ll find out in an hour.

Now, now. Too late in the evening to start down that path.

Hey PM me a place to ship it I have an extra one.


Oregon loves their decanters!

PM Sent.

I was just thinking the exact same thing

Ehhh, I need a good decanter but this one just looks a little…inelegant. No offense meant to our WCC overlords, but it just doesn’t quite look right. The glass itself is too thick (there’s a difference between being solid and being hefty) and it’s, well, a bit bulbous - the whole point of a decanter is to maximize the surface area of the wine so it can interact with the air. But then, it may just be a bad picture. Still…I pass.

This is, as they say, more like it.

I really like the woot community. rk

Gah, they got a ton of these too, looking at that tiny sliver of grey on the bar.

Anyone got an extra decanter that might need a new home? I’m in the market, but this one isn’t my bag…

PMs are great, if I can find where they go.

Oh, and the TLC Cabernet/Shiraz is delicious, but doesn’t go so well with Del Taco…

Anyone else have an extra vinturi? :slight_smile: been on the market for a cheap one! But no alas, no woots :frowning:

These are the decanter types I leave out at parties. The heirlooms and pseudo museum pieces stay locked away. Everyone needs something like these in this price range to use around tipsy friends!

Actually, it is a beautiful decanter. I liked it so much I’ve given a few as Christmas gifts.