Hand Blown Wine Decanter

Hmm, this thing going to be up all night. Probably safe to go to bed.

I had the tlc tonight as well & thought it was excellent. (No Del Taco in MN, so I couldn’t duplicate your experiment exactly…)

Bad news indeed. I just checked woot and the screaming monkey is up. See ya woot-off! Until we meet again.

I lurk, then delurk. But mostly, I lurk and spend too much money.

But it’s well past time that I delurked to say the important stuff: wine.woot is populated by some very cool people. I’ve learned a lot from you wise drunkards. :slight_smile: Thanks for hanging out here and educating the masses (and by masses, I mean me).

Wow, it looks like it’s over. That’s the monkey. I’m actually upset, I didn’t order anything at all :-(. So much for waiting. And there hasn’t been cheese in months :-(.

Ah well, my credit card thanks me.

Ironically, I am drinking Diet Sprite. Perhaps it’s a sign I should buy one of these.

Is the monkey worth the $7?

Decanters really do wonders for diet soda. :slight_smile: really brings out the dietness!!!

One of the best purchases I’ve ever made was an IKEA stuffed guinea pig for $4. Cheap stuffed animals are always worth it.

It can’t be over no Corison/Caton/Little…:frowning:

Ohhh yea!

Hold out hope… one woot off can lead into another!

Yes… THe monkies are worth it. Hopefully one day they will have a wine.woot monkey, as well as list some more wines from Havens.

Everyone’s comments have gotten me to get one so thank you!

Thank you so much! TyTiger58 > ALL!

Would that be a drunken monkey?

If nothing else a Intoxicated one…

What signifies the end of a Wine.woot wootoff? :stuck_out_tongue:

Got this the first time around when it was the regular winewoot. Good quality! Worth the price.

Case of beer XD